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What we do
Delivering reliability
Minerva provides marine fuels expertise and solutions
that power our customers’ fleets efficiently, costeffectively, and safely. Our integrated supply and
delivery network, controlled portfolio of logistical
assets, and dedicated team ensure reliability of
service and transparency of product. Our relentless
customer focus means we offer bespoke and flexible
services to help manage financial and operational risk.
Our customers understand that risk is a part of their
business. But when it comes to fuelling their fleets,
we provide the certainty they need.
1. Value throughout the supply chain
Today fuel provenance and quality assurance have never
been more important. So our commitment to operating
the industry’s leading integrated supply chain has never
been stronger. Our fuel oil traders move more than
35m tonnes of fuel annually, sourced from a diverse
and global system that includes a proprietary blending
network, equity production, exclusive refinery offtake
agreements, crude-for-refined product swaps, and spot
cargo trading. Such breadth and range enable us to
supply customers when and where they need fuel, at a
lower all-in cost, with greater flexibility, and at minimal
financial and performance risk.
Our expert in-house blenders and operators ensure the
appropriate specification and high quality standards of
the fuel we provide to our customers. In each of our
operating locations, we maintain control over the fuel
from the refinery gate all the way through the customer
ship flange. Our customers can rest assured that quality
is paramount to us. The fuel we deliver to their fleet is
the same that powers our own.
2. Physical assets. Tangible benefits
Minerva owns and operates the world’s largest
portfolio of fixed assets dedicated to the bunkering
industry. Our management of bunkering logistics is
vital to our ability to meet our commitments and
exceed customers’ expectations.
Our fleet
Minerva controls a fleet of 44 vessels, 35 of which are
owned. The owned fleet is comprised of 33 ocean-going
tankers and 2 unpropelled barges. Our fleet is doublehulled and modern with an average age of less than 10
years. The tankers are optimized for bunkering operations
with high pumping rates, multiple tank segregations, and
line configurations to accommodate three fuel grades.
The fleet is oil major approved and operated to the
highest standards of maintenance and safety by our
in-house fleet management division.
Minerva operates more than 1.9m cubic meters of
storage capacity dedicated to bunkering. Through
our subsidiaries we own two purpose-built storage
terminals located in Fujairah and Las Palmas.
Both benefit from jetty connections, clean and
dirty capacity, and tank configurations designed for
blending. An exclusive 25 year lease of capacity in
Tanger Med, Morocco underpins the storage and
blending hub for our bunkering operations in the
Mediterranean. In addition, Minerva has long-term
capacity rights for our storage position in Balboa,
Panama. Additional capacity throughout the network
is leased for 1 to 2 years.
cbm of storage capacity

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