3stepIT Code of Conduct 2020 - Page 5

Who we are
Our Code of Conduct
Our work is guided by a single purpose – to take care of the world’s technology. We exist to
help businesses consume IT more sustainably, by providing our customers with a better way
to acquire, manage and refresh their technology.
Our Code of Conduct outlines the ethical behaviour standards and values that all of us should
adhere to, regardless of the role, or where located.
Today we serve more than 4,000 businesses worldwide and manage over 2 million assets, extending the lifespan of
equipment, improving its resale value and finding it a new home when it’s no longer needed by a business.
From our headquarters in Finland and across the all the countries where we operate, we are committed to carrying out
this work to the highest possible ethical standards and in line with our common vision, mission and values.
We are all responsible for our own actions and for implementing the Code of Conduct in our daily work. Our leaders are
responsible to ensure that the Code of Conduct is known and respected throughout our business.
We make our Code of Conduct publicly available, because we also expect that our business partners respect these
common principles too.
Our Code of Conduct has been approved by 3stepIT Group’ Board of Directors. As this is a living and breathing document –
we commit to reviewing it each year and updating it to ensure it continues to reflect our company as it grows.
This document is not a detailed policy that provides answers to every question, but should act as a general guide on how
to bring our values and ethical principles to life and as a summary by saying:
Our purpose
Our vision
Our mission
Take care of the
world’s technology.
Lead the world in
technology lifecycle
Making organisations
more sustainable
- at every step.
comply with laws and regulations
follow ethical business practices
create positive impact
respect each other
Our values
speak up
We see
and help others
see them too.
We care about
waste wherever
we nd it.
We take
for our actions.
We always
want to learn
more and
We do great
things for our
and each other.


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