3stepIT Code of Conduct 2020 - Page 8

We respect each other
We create positive impact
Human rights and fair labour practices
Diversity and equal opportunities
Our purpose is to take care of the world’s technology.
We respect international human rights and fair labour
practices wherever we operate. This means that we:
We exist to help our customers consume technology more sustainably, but our green mission
does not end there.
• Will not accept, engage or support the use of child
labour, forced labour or human trafficking.
We are free from discrimination and harassment, whether
based on sex, gender identity, nationality, religion, belief
system, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, political
opinion, union membership or social or ethnic origin or
any other factor.
• Will comply at a minimum with all applicable wage
and hour laws and
We respect and appreciate difference and we hire new
employees solely based on their expertise and potential.
• Will respect the legal rights of its employees to form,
organise, join (or not) worker organizations, including
trade unions.
We are proud to promote a culture of diversity and
equal opportunities whether related to our current roles,
promotion, compensation, or other benefits.
We know our customers only want to work with the most responsible business partners, and like them, we want to
minimise our environmental impact, conserve resources and run the most sustainable operations we can.
We comply with all applicable environmental regulations and standards. We also expect suppliers and partners will also
obey these regulations.
We act promptly and openly to correct incidents or conditions that could harm the environment, or affect negativity to our
Encouraging and safe working
Our employment practices link pay and performance,
and encourage continuous development. We offer our
employees opportunities for training and educational
activities according to the requirements of their current
and future work tasks.
We want to be a healthy, safe and productive work place.
This goes beyond a physical space that complies with
health and safety regulations. We do not tolerate any kind
of harassment or bullying in the workplace.


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