3stepIT Sustainability Report 2019 - Page 16

Social responsibility
Doing business in a greener way is about more
than just reducing our environmental impact.
We also have responsibilities for our people, our
customers and our partners.
Making our Code of Conduct part of
the culture
Like everything we do, our social responsibility policies are purpose-driven. We aim
to do right by the people we work with, take care of the world’s technology and help
businesses be more sustainable.
During 2019, we also developed a portfolio of mandatory
training in business ethics. Topics covered included
environmental management, anti-money laundering, data
privacy and GDPR responsibilities.
Our mandatory Code of Conduct training is organised annually.
This involves taking a test at the end of the course to show that
the Code of Conduct is understood and accepted.
We are proud to report that we did not incur any fines or nonmonetary sanctions for non-compliance with laws and social
regulations in 2019.
Our Code of Conduct
We hold ourselves to the highest standards
and expect our partners to do the same. Our
Code of Conduct outlines the ethical behaviour
standards and values that all of us should
adhere to, regardless of the position we hold,
or where we are located.
Our Code of Conduct is reviewed and updated every year and published publicly for all
our colleagues, partners and customers to use. In 2019, we revised it when we became
signatories to the UN Global Compact and this year we renewed it based on our updated
purpose, mission, vision and values.
Every 3stepIT employee is responsible for respecting and implementing the Code of
Conduct in their daily work. Each manager has a responsibility to ensure employees
know and follow the Code.
Our updated Code of Conduct 2020 edition can be summarised in five principles:
The focus for 2020 and beyond
Most organisations have a purpose and set of values.
The challenge is to get your people to live these
in everything they do. That’s what the Ethics and
Compliance programme does. My appointment is a
sign of the company’s determination to make 3stepIT
a truly purpose-led organisation.
Varpu Ahvenainen
Group Ethics and Compliance Officer & Legal Counsel
Appointed January 2020
We comply with
laws and regulations
We follow ethical
business practices
We create positive
We respect each
We speak up


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