3stepIT Sustainability Report 2019 - Page 18

Our people
In 2019 we invested heavily in our people to help
them grow and flourish.
We defined and implemented a new HR strategy called “Skilful People”, a two-year action
plan to make the organisation future-ready. It includes:
Our approach
We measure our people’s
engagement through a
comprehensive annual, groupwide employee survey, conducted
by an external company and
benchmarked against the top 25%
best performing organisations in
It is essential our people have a stake in our strategy and
objectives. So, we keep everyone informed about our approach
and performance through quarterly, hour-long global video
briefings covering business results, innovation and strategy
development. In January, we invite all our people to our first
quarter briefing, a two-day annual training event with detailed
reporting, team-building workshops and improvement
Motivation through information
In 2019, we achieved high levels of participation and we were
proud to report high levels of satisfaction, building on our
successes last year.
Survey findings
learning and
Fostering our
values and
new talent and
acquiring new
skills for the firm
We had an impressive response from our team: 91% of those
invited completed the survey. There was a high overall
satisfaction score of 4.1 out of a maximum of 5. For teamwork,
line manager quality and the company overall, we scored in the
top quartile of the best performing companies benchmark group.
Overall satisfaction score
We bettered our results from 2018,
demonstrating our commitment to treating
our people well. We improved on the
following metrics:
A business cannot be sustainable without an engaged, energetic and committed
workforce. We regularly review and improve how we take care of our people to ensure we
continue to have a happy, healthy team.
Things are efficiently put into
practice in my team.
4.03 (+0.52)
We aren't scared to openly
talk about mistakes.
4.22 (+0.44)
Our approach to work is
positive and solution-oriented.
4.33 (+0.32)
Employee scores for their part of the organisation and their own
work straddled the top quartile hurdle.
We also work hard to guarantee that new starters have the
information they need to give them the best possible start. Our new
hires all undergo a two-day induction programme to familiarise
them with our business and welcome them to the company.
Training and development
This year we launched a new online training platform for all
our people, with mandatory courses on business ethics and
modules covering our environmental management system and
Code of Conduct, anti-money laundering, IT and general security
awareness, and individual GDPR responsibilities.
We offer our people access to the 3step Academy - a series of
open, online courses that provide training and education on
different topics relevant to our work.
2019 also saw a new focus on sales, with a specific training
program designed to support our people in this area to reach their
highest potential. The six-month online training programme
is complemented by live workshops and a targeted personal
development plan to ensure the training is both accessible and
comprehensive. We will continue to develop this area of our
training programme throughout 2020.
For our leaders, in partnership with Hanken SSE business school,
we developed a two-year management and executive training
programme, combining six-months’ online learning, live group
workshops, and individual study. We delivered the second part of
our Leap for Growth leadership development programme in 2019.
It aims to support transformation and strategy execution and
promote a shared leadership culture whilst boosting innovation,
learning and networking opportunities.
We have big plans for 2020 in this area, including new leadership
coaching and leadership days to be rolled out across the business..
Regular employee reviews sustain
The foundation for our approach is a twice-yearly formal
performance, planning and objectives review for every employee.
In 2019, we rebuilt the performance management process to
include half-yearly strategic targets, major responsibilities, skills
development and a focus on our values. We will implement the
new process in 2020.


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