3stepIT Sustainability Report 2019 - Page 9

Our business impact
making your IT more sustainable
3stepIT’s Technology Lifecycle Management service helps companies
to consume technology more sustainably, while halving their carbon
footprint and reducing their contribution to e-waste. Here's how:
Many businesses struggle to keep up with the speed of IT
development. Funding and budgeting IT purchase, maintenance
and replacement can be cumbersome.
Our advanced asset management system keeps IT managers in
the loop with information about the location and use of all their
devices. Digitising routine IT administration, such as upgrade
planning, makes their lives far easier.
When our customers have finished with their devices, they’re
sent to our refurbishment centres where our team securely
erases the data and prepares the devices for resale.
Our service helps customers stay ahead of the curve by acquiring
new devices and refreshing the IT stack regularly through a
flexible finance solution. We are brand-neutral so we are able to
support our customers to make purchase decisions that are right
for their business and their people. We make life simple by taking
care of everything for an all-in-one monthly fee.
Adopting this method of acquiring IT means businesses are
procuring technology in the knowledge it needs to be returned, to
be sold to a second user. This approach considers sustainability
from the outset, rather than as an after-thought. Because we put
a value on the returned equipment, companies are encouraged
to take care of equipment, as the better condition it’s in when
returned to us, the higher its value. That means equipment has a
longer lifespan, reducing its environmental impact.
Trying to fix IT problems after a failure occurs disrupts business;
costing time and money. Our system puts customers in control,
making monitoring device-health and alerting them when
equipment performance dips.
Our pre-emptive service support helps IT departments avoid
problems before they disrupt operations and keeps hardware in
use as long as practicable.
Knowing where your devices are and what condition they are in
retains their health for longer. It also ensures devices don’t get
lost or hidden away in cupboard – an important step towards
reducing waste.
In 2019, we sold 98% returned devices, significantly reducing
the corporate contribution to the e-waste problem and global
emissions. The remaining 2% were damaged beyond economic
value, so we sent them to be recycled by trusted specialist partners.
Our refurbishing volumes have grown by 18% over 2 years, with a
5% increase in 2019. We now handle in excess of 500,000 devices
per annum.
Our refurbishing
volumes have grown by
18% over 2 years, with a
5% increase in 2019.
Re-using devices from other organisations
Our Refurbishing Centres handle much more than just our
customers’ end-of-lease returns: over half the used devices we
refurbish come from other sources.
Devices received
End-of-Lease total
Buy-in total
193 854
229 783
234 201
231 355
248 680
266 711
Grand total
425 209
478 463
500 912
We now handle in
excess of 500,000
devices per annum.
With straightforward payment information easily accessible
through our user-friendly asset management tool, our customers
can effortlessly plan and budget for regular device refreshes,
without the worry of contributing to landfill.


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