Sustainability Report - 2017 - 24.5.2018-compressed - Page 11

Sustainability lies at the core of 3 Step IT’s
business: our purpose is to be the leading life
cycle management service provider, while
making the circular economy a reality. Our
whole approach is designed to make IT more
sustainable for our customers.
As an employer we seek to offer meaningful
work and fulfilling careers, to employees who
are fairly rewarded, and have good work-life
As a consumer of resources we want to provide
our services in a socially and environmentally
responsible way.
While the service we provide has earned
recognition for sustainability from government
and industry, I am determined that we can and
should do better. Sustainability applies not only
to what we do, it must also apply to the way we
do it.
This report provides a date stamped measure
of our success in meeting these aspirations.
More importantly, the process that went into
its preparation made us look at our operations
from a fresh perspective. Now we have a benchmark to improve from, a methodology to measure our progress, and the ambition to do even
better in 2018.
As a customer, supplier or partner we want
to build enduring commercial relationships
supported by sustainable business practices.


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