Sustainability Report - 2017 - 24.5.2018-compressed - Page 17

(Core 1) were reused after the lease period with
less than 2% being recycled, generally because
they had been damaged and beyond economic
Our business model is built on circular economy principles: we extend the life of used IT
equipment. Reuse saves valuable resources and
reduces carbon emissions. By giving a device a
second life, we can effectively save the carbon
footprint of manufacturing another device.
Our remarketing operations handle much more
than just end-of-lease returns: around half of the
devices they refurbish come from other sources. This buy-back program securely handles the
challenge of IEEE compliant e-waste disposal,
processing it sustainably with returned end of
lease equipment. In addition, we repair broken
devices in Sweden, and are researching the possibilities of doing the same in other countries.
For example in the case of laptops, most of the
total life carbon footprint comes from manufacturing, while the use-phase accounts only
for 10-30% of the total lifecycle CO2 emissions.
Doubling the life of a laptop, substantially reduces total life CO2 emissions per year of use. In
2017, more than 98% of 3 Step IT’s leased devices
It all starts from determining the optimal lease
period length for different product groups and
sharing information with customers about our
life cycle services, so they know that the devices have a second life planned and have an incentive to take good care of them. By providing
customers’ IT management with information to
track devices, our service helps customers return devices when their lease ends. In addition,
our services help IT departments ensure devices
function well, to prevent IT support problems and
to plan replacement.
We continually try to increase the quality of
equipment returned to 3 Step IT after the lease
period, so we can extend the service life of returned devices and reduce the number that are
prematurely recycled.
This approach offers a secondary benefit: better quality devices are more likely to find a new
home closer to Finland. By increasing near-market remarketing sales, we can reduce CO2 emissions from transport.


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