Sustainability Report - 2017 - 24.5.2018-compressed - Page 21

We have 362 employees, 43% of whom are
female and 57% male. While our 2017 turnover
rate was 23%, it was raised by selling a technical
support business unit in January 2017.
The survey not only highlights that we are
seen by employees as an excellent employer, it
also shows us how to make 3 Step IT an even
better place to work. Even though the results
were great, we found scope for improvement.
For example, as a growing company we need
to keep a keen focus on training to maintain the
standard of customer support.
3 Step IT’s long-term success relies heavily on
our talented, smart and engaged employees.
We believe that putting our employees as our
number one priority is our greatest investment
and has a direct impact on the level of excellent
service experience our customers receive.
We encourage flexible working hours and remote work, whenever practical. Flexible working
hours and a chance to work remotely are important contributors to work satisfaction as they
enable our employees to plan their workday to fit
their personal schedule.
We constantly measure the satisfaction of our
employees and value their opinions and input.
For the past years, we have participated in a
group wide employee survey, conducted by an
external company. This survey measures different work themes and benchmarks the results
with the TOP 25% best performing companies.
At 3 Step IT we want to enhance learning by providing different types of training for our employees, we celebrate great performance and provide
career development opportunities. We also want
to ensure that our employees have the opportunity to express not only concerns but also new
ideas. To encourage participation we invited all
our employees to join an ‘innovation race’. Five
projects were selected for detailed evaluation
and two have been prioritised in our 2018 investment plans. This is just one great example of our
working culture, where we embrace innovative
ideas developed by our skilled people.
Our employees’ participation rate was high, with
90% of employees answering the questionnaire. The overall employee satisfaction score
was also high: 4,10/5. All our business units
received either good or excellent results, with
most reporting a better employee experience
than the previous year. Employees at 3 Step IT
are highly motivated and devoted to their work,
so it is no surprise that employees rate their drive
on a high level of 4,13/5.
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employee satisfaction
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