Sustainability Report - 2017 - 24.5.2018-compressed - Page 22

Our employees’ health and safety is of utmost
importance to us. Our most serious health and
safety risks relate to exposure to chemicals or
dust, or incorrect ways of working in our refurbishing process. These risks are discussed regularly and actively mitigated.
that includes health and safety. Currently, there
are efforts to harmonise the health and safety
related policies and processes across the group.
When it comes to the health and well-being of
our employees, we aim to be proactive: preventive wellness is a significant part of our company
culture. For example, in Finland we provide office
gymnastics, and affordable massage services. In
some of our operations, heavy lifting is part of the
job, so we provide training on how to lift heavy
loads correctly.
We have country specific health and safety
policies and processes, and in Finland, Sweden, UK and Asia, we held interactive communication sessions with employees on working conditions. In addition to country policies,
we have a group Work Environment Policy
Aiming to be the best place to work for our
employees we also need to ensure equal opportunities and fair treatment for everyone.
gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, or age. If
any inappropriate behaviour or discrimination is
identified, 3 Step IT is committed to take action.
3 Step IT has employees from many different
countries and continents, bringing different cultures and backgrounds together. At 3 Step IT we
have zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination based on e.g. race, colour, religion, gender,
In our new company-wide Code of Conduct,
we clearly define our approach to non-discrimination and communicate the channels that
employees can use for cases of non-compliance.


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