Sustainability Report - 2017 - 24.5.2018-compressed - Page 28

One aspect of being a responsible company is
to have a positive impact on the communities
where we operate in. For us this does not mean
only donating to local charities, but also focusing
on the areas where we are experts.
to students of limited means. Similar activities
took place in Sweden and the UK.
We shared some of our good fortune with local
communities. Examples include a donation of
20 000 euros in Finland to a children’s hospital.
We also gave 11 160 euros to a local Finnish organisation that helps disadvantaged people specifically to fund a Christmas dinner. Similarly in
Sweden, 5 000 euros and in Norway, 750 euros
were donated to organisations working against
We aim to increase IT awareness by providing
reused IT equipment, such as computers, to educational institutions. We want to help improve
the quality of life and provide equal opportunities for learning and education. For example in
Finland, we donated 100 IT devices to a church
organisation, which distributed the computers


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