Sustainability Report - 2017 - 24.5.2018-compressed - Page 7

3 Step IT was founded in 1997, to offer more
sustainable IT, based on the principles of the
circular economy before it became a widely accepted idea. The company set out to build
a business based on helping its clients to
efficiently plan and manage a regular refresh of
PCs and laptops. The approach was based on
leasing IT devices with a primary lease period
that matched the equipment’s three to four year
planned life.
Remarketing is a constantly growing part of
3 Step IT’s business. We handle customers’ used
devices in our logistics centres, securely erasing
their data, after which we refurbish and resell
them. Over 98% of returned devices find a new
user, while the rest are recycled through our
partners. In 2017, our remarketing operation
grew 30%. We also expanded our ‘buy-back’
business, purchasing and then processing the
used equipment that organisations have replaced.
Operating in leasing, the economics only
made sense if devices were properly used and
generally in good condition when returned,
for us to realise their residual value. On top of
education and cost incentives, we developed an
asset management tool that helps the lessee to
keep track of devices and when they are scheduled for replacement.
Once a used device is sold to a third party,
the responsibility for sustainable recycling is
handed over. This is why 3 Step IT prioritises
operating in countries with e-waste collection
and disposal programs.
We have subsidiaries in Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore,
Sweden and the United Kingdom and logistics
centres handling the used devices in Finland,
Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, and the United
With this being the focus for twenty years, we
have become trusted experts in the IT asset
management business.


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