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Duncan Connabeer
Regulation risks the future
of sustainable farming
The future of sustainable farming is still at risk from regulatory threats to crop protection active ingredients
and we wish to thank all who have worked with us in lobbying key influencers – we believe the effort
has definitely been worthwhile. Duncan Connabeer, Technical Support Manager, explains more:
There is no doubt that the recent reapproval of glyphosate happened as a
result of the collaborative work by the
industry in bringing the right messages
to the forefront of decision making.
Hutchinsons have been key players in
leading this debate, working closely
with industry partners and growers
alike to lobby their MEPs and MPs to
support its re-registration.
It was recognised back in early 2016,
that we needed to actively defend
glyphosate to ensure that our
customers had the tools necessary
to continue to farm. Not only did
we actively engage ourselves with
politicians to help explain the case for
glyphosate, especially in the control
of black grass, we also wrote to over
6,000 growers to encourage them to
send supporting letters to their MEPs.
We repeated this exercise in 2017,
stressing how important glyphosate is
as part of the farming toolbox
Alongside this, we collaborated
closely with our trade association the
AIC and both the CPA and the NFU
in the work that they were doing to
defend glyphosate.
In a similar way, we continue to
defend other key active ingredients
that are coming under threat of
revocation, explaining the impact
that their loss would have on the
competitiveness of arable and
horticultural farming in the UK.
Currently we are actively engaged in
defending the role of several key actives/
active groups and we await news of the
future of neonicotinoids (clothianidin,
thiamethoxam and imidacloprid) on
non-flowering crops, having been
closely involved in this hard-fought
battle since 2013, when we wrote to
the House of Commons to outline the
value of neonicotinoids on farm.
In 2017 we jointly lobbied with our
agronomists and our clients, urging
them to contact their MEPs to support
the use of these important seed
dressings. Currently there are no viable
alternatives for the control of soil pests
and resistant aphids in the beet crop,
What is
the future
of farming?
Andrew McShane
2018 is a milestone year for
Hutchinsons, marking eight decades of
service to UK agriculture.
I recently attended this year’s Oxford
Farming Conference and listened
to Michael Gove discuss his future
plans for farming. It is clear that, whilst
committed to supporting farming, the UK
Government is saying that the industry
must prepare for changes ahead.

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