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JUNE 2018
Hutchinsons celebrates
eight decades of service
to UK agriculture at Cereals
2018 is a milestone year for Hutchinsons, marking eight
decades of service to UK agriculture as one of the country’s
leading agronomy companies. Recognised as providing
the highest standards of agronomic advice to farmers and
growers, together with the range of high quality services and
products that they require, Hutchinsons agronomists know
that cutting edge advice backed by great service, all geared
to your specific farm situation, is key.
Good technical agronomy that
brings about profitable and
sustainable crop production is
at the heart of the Hutchinsons
business, and fundamental to
this is the relationship between
the agronomist and his farmer
client says Ed Barnatt,
Area Business Manager.
“Being a good agronomist is not just
about walking crops and making the
right recommendations, my clients
want me to be involved in all aspects
of the farm so that decisions are
made on a fully informed basis.
After all it’s a team effort focussed
on taking that particular farm
business forward.”
However, to do this, he recognises
that the complexity of agronomic
decision making in today’s climate
of tighter environmental regulations,
climatic challenges and changing
disease threats, makes it vital for an
agronomist to have access to a wide
range of technical expertise
and information.
“By being part of a leading national
agronomy company, Hutchinsons
agronomists are better placed to
access this level of support, whilst
still delivering the highest quality and
most up-to-date technical advice
to farming clients in today’s volatile
environment,” he says”.
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Nick Rainsley
Food and Farming
Not surprisingly, consumers are
becoming much more interested
in the ways our food is produced,
as well as the impact of farming
on health and the environment.
This trend is likely to continue as the
government seeks to change its support
structure for farming towards promoting
environmental measures on farm.
At Hutchinsons we strongly believe it
is increasingly crucial to help promote
a positive image of UK agriculture
to the general public and part of
that process is to utilise Integrated
Farm Management (IFM) techniques
by our agronomists when advising
clients. Part of this process is to use a
number of cultural control techniques
and treatment thresholds to optimise
the use of nutritional and crop
protection inputs.
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