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Tips to help
sow your way
to higher yields
this autumn
Strong establishment lays the
foundations for high yields and builds
resilience for the season ahead.
Paul Hobson
Matt Ward
Most growers have a fair idea
how well crops establish, and
while some take plant counts to
measure it in more detail, they are
generally in the minority.
Accurately identifying variations in
establishment is essential though if
crops are to fulfil their yield potential.
Establishment can be hard to predict
given the vagaries of the weather, soil
conditions and pest, weed or disease
pressure, so regularly measuring
it builds an invaluable data source
to help tailor future seed rates and
highlight problem areas.
Establishment percentage relates to the
number of seeds that germinate, emerge
and survive the winter, and is usually
measured at the end of winter; however,
a reasonable estimate can be made from
plant counts on stubbles after harvest.
Some growers
may be surprised how much
establishment varies, with anything
from 100% to 30% found
in many situations, Matt Ward
(Services Leader) says.
“Growers, particularly those
drilling late on more challenging,
heavier soils, sometimes
massively underestimate how
poor establishment rates can be,
especially as wheat has several ways
to compensate, such as increased
tillering, ear numbers or grain size.”
While this compensation may allow
a potentially poor crop return average
yields, growers should aim higher
and do all they can to ensure crop
potential is not restricted from the
outset, he says.
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in training
As the new Agriculture Bill and
Brexit bring fresh demands and
opportunities for UK farmers,
Hutchinsons is ready to respond,
thanks to a training programme
that equips our people with the
skills to make the vital difference
on your farm.
Hutchinsons knows it is the
commitment and enthusiasm of its
staff, working together in a cohesive
and effective way, that builds
success. That is why we encourage
and value input from the whole team,
and ensure they have the skills and
training to fully meet customer needs.
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