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Your Ultimate CBD Guide
CBD Time Line
Know Your CBD
What It Is
What is CBD, Where Does it Come From & How is it Made?
One of the first questions we get asked is “What is
CBD and how is it made”. Cannabis plants
contain 60+, naturally occurring, active compounds
called cannabinoids. Cannabis plants are separated
into two different types of crops, known as hemp and
marijuana. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of these compounds found in all cannabis plants. Unlike TCH
(marijuana) CBD does not cause a “high” effect and
can offer relief and benefits without concern. The use
of CBD is not new to mankind!
Dating back to the ancient civilizations, it was some
of the first people on earth who discovered the differences between hemp and marijuana and began using
cannabidiol (CBD) for various health purposes.
In the 1940’s, American organic chemist, Roger
Adams, was the first person to isolate CBD. Twentyfour years later, Raphael Mechoulam, known as the
“father of cannabis” was credited with the isolation
of THC as well as illuminating the entire cannabidiol
Then, in the 1980s, President Ronald Reagan poured
tens of millions of dollars into a study trying prove
that marijuana damages the human brain. But, rather
than showing how marijuana harms the brain, the
Reagan administration ended up subsidizing a series
of studies that culminated in the discovery of the
mammal endocannabinoid system, expanding our
understanding of how cannabinoids interact with the
human body. Thanks to independent and sponsored
scientific studies, the world is gaining a better understanding the various uses of CBD products.
So, this brings us how CBD is made. To be legal,
CBD must extracted from the stalks and stems
industrial hemp plants. Once harvested, cannabis
plants are lifted from the ground and brought to an
extraction facility where a supercritical C02
extraction a method is used. This is the cleanest and
safest way to extract CBD for human consumption. It
involves filtering plants through a series of chambers
that control temperature and pressure. Our CBD
partners never use toxic solvents to extract the product.
Where It Comes From
How To Use It
Once extracted, the hemp undergoes an additional
step known as chromatography, a mechanism used
to remove unwanted plant phytochemicals from the
desired cannabinoid. It is at this point that CBD oil
products can be formulated.
To ensure you are buying safe products, Heartland
CannAssist has made partnerships with suppliers
who use organic, non-GMO hemp. The only thing
that touches their plants is Sun and Rain.
The most important things a consumer can do to
buy wisely:
• Make sure products are made from organic hemp
• Know how the CBD products are produced
• Buy from a retail merchant has verifiable product.
• Buy from a retail merchant that knows about each
of their products and is willing to
answer all of your questions
• Look for the US Hemp Authority
Certified Seal

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