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The National University of Ireland,
• MH109 Media Studies
(FR, DE, ES, ZH, EL, GA)
• MH101 Arts (FR, DE, ES, ZH, EL, GA)
• MH102 Music Technology
(FR, DE, ES, ZH, EL)
• MH106 Psychology – 3 years
(DE, ES, GA, EL)
• MH108 European Studies
(FR, DE, ES, ZH, GA)
• MH401FIN – Finance (DE, ES, EL)
• MH208 Biological and Biomedical
Sciences – Level 8 (ES)
• MH401IFE – BA International
Finance and Economics
(FR, DE, ES, ZH)
• CK108 Arts International
(FR, DE, ES, IT, PT, GE, ZH)
• CK104 Music (DE, IT, PT, GE, ZH)
• CK112 Drama and Theatre Studies
(FR, DE, ES, IT, ZH)
• CK116 Sports Studies and Physical
Education (FR, GA)
• Commerce (International) with a
Language (FR, DE, ES, IT, GA, ZH)
• CK301 Law International
(FR, DE, ES, IT, ZH, GA)
• CK302 Law and French (FR)
• CK401 Computer Science
(FR, DE, ES, IT, ZH, GA)
Trinity College Dublin
• Law and a Language (FR, DE)
• TR080 Global Business
(Bachelor in Business Studies)
(FR, DE, ES, PL, RU)
• TR081 Business, Economic and
Social Studies (BESS)
(FR, DE, ES, IT, PL, RU)
• Business Studies and a Language
(FR, DE, ES, PL, RU)
• TR039 Computer Science and
Language (FR, DE, GA)
• TR084 Social Studies (FR, DE)
• TR024 European Studies
(FR, DE, ES, IT, PL, RU)
• Joint Honours (FR, DE, ES, IT, PL, RU)
University College Dublin
• DN520 Arts (two subjects)
(FR, DE, ES, IT, GA)
• DN530 BA Humanities (English,
European & World Literatures)
(FR, DE, ES, IT)
• DN530 Humanities (Languages,
Linguistics & Cultures)
(FR, DE, ES, IT, EL, GA)
• DN541 Modern Languages
(FR, DE, ES, IT, PT)
• DN600 Law with Chinese (ZH)
• DN600 Law with French Law (FR)
• DN660 Commerce International –
Level 8 (FR, DE, ES, IT, ZH)
• DN250 Food Business with
Chinese (ZH)
• DN700 Social Sciences – Level 8
(FR, DE, ES, IT, GE, ZH, GA)
University College Cork
• CK102 Social Science
(FR, DE, ES, GA)
• CK110 World Languages
(FR, DE, ES, IT, PT, JA, KO, ZH, GA)
• CK101 Arts (FR, DE, ES, IT, PT, GE, ZH)
University of Limerick
• LM002 Arts (offered in conjunction
with Mary Immaculate College)
(FR, DE, ES, GA)
• LM044 Applied Languages – Level
8 (FR, DE, ES, JA, GA)
• LM040 European Studies
(FR, DE, ES, GA)
• LM056 International Business
(FR, DE, ES, JA)
• LM029 – Bachelor of Laws
(Law Plus) (FR, DE, ES)
• LM050 Business Studies
(FR, DE, ES, JA)
Waterford Institute of Technology
• WD048 BWL Business with a
Languages (FR, DE, ES, GA)
• WD151 Software Systems
Development – Level 7 (FR, DE)
• WD200 Arts – Level 8 (FR, DE, ES)
• WD210 Software Systems
Development – Level 8 (FR, DE)
Language codes
FR = French
DE = German
ES = Spanish
GA = Gaeilge
GE = Greek
IT = Italian
PT = Portuguese
JA = Japanese
KO = Korean
ZH = Mandarin Chinese
RU = Russian
EL = Greek
PL = Polish
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