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JUNE 2019
soil mapping service
launched to UK growers
Launched by Hutchinsons, TerraMap revolutionises the way in
which soil nutrient mapping is currently undertaken in the UK
- setting a new standard for accuracy in precision agriculture.
Today’s precision farming
requirements demand greater
accuracy and currently UK growers
do not have access to a high
definition soil scanning system –
until now, says Hutchinsons precision
technology manager, Oliver Wood.
TerraMap uses gamma-ray detection
technology that delivers resolutions
of over 800 points/ha, providing high
definition mapping of all common
nutrient properties, pH, soil texture,
organic matter and CEC as well as
elevation and plant available water.
“With such a growing level of interest
in soils, the launch of TerraMap
comes at the perfect timing for
farmers that are looking for that next
level of accuracy in understanding
their soils - which has not previously
been possible.”
“We have been looking for a
new method of mapping soils
that provides more accurate and
repeatable results, and can also
leverage the multi-layer analysis
within Omnia,” explains Mr Wood.
The results from TerraMap are
used to create maps within the
Hutchinsons Omnia system which
can then be overlaid with additional
field information such as black-grass,
yields and so on, to create the most
accurate, consistent and detailed
variable rate plans.
See us at Cereals 2019
Stand No. 500
will be launching
a ground-breaking new, high-definition soil
mapping service that sets a new standard for
accuracy in precision agriculture. Speak to our
soil experts and find out how a Healthy
Soils assessment can help you benchmark
your soil to improve yield and quality.


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