HUTCHINSONS FieldWise(February2020) - Page 1

More connectivity
with Omnia than
ever before
Oliver Wood
One of the main sticking points with precision farming has always been moving data
from one system or machine to another. However, with the Omnia Precision Agronomy
system this is now easier than ever before.
Exciting collaborations with
leading machinery manufacturers
such as CLAAS, Väderstad and
data management system Muddy
Boots and the OmniaHub system,
have resulted in faster and
more efficient streamlined data
connection - than has ever been
previously possible.
“This is a significant step change
in the way that data is handled for
precision farming and we are proud
to be at the very forefront of this,”
says Oliver Wood, Hutchinsons
Precision Technology Manager.
“For some time now, we have been
working closely with our industry
colleagues to look at how to connect
platforms together, to transfer data
using modern cloud computer
systems - which means that the user
doesn’t have to handle any data.”
“So, in effect the systems are
managing the data transfer between
them, taking away the need to
manually move data from one
machine to another, leaving farmers
with more time to look at how the
data is being used to improve their
farm productivity.”
The new connectivity arrangements
mean that Omnia users will be able
to generate a seamless flow of data
from the CLAAS Telematics system
straight into Omnia.
Field boundaries can be shared
between the two systems and yield
maps can be automatically sent to
and processed by the OmniaHub
system. Users will be able to make crop
management decisions as soon as the
field is harvested, explains Mr Wood.
“This is a really exciting development
as we want customers who own
CLAAS machines to have every
possible opportunity to use the data
our machines produce, and this type
of link delivers just that,” says
CLAAS UK’s EASY Product Manager,
Edward Miller.


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