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More Than Lights And Poles
Branding Initiatives
With the addition of KingCast into our group of companies, the need to evaluate our brand became apparent to
offer clear communications about our capabilities and presented an opportunity to modernize both our company
and product brands. We offer solutions to multiple industries, and they may require a multitude of products
which are often working in conjunction with each other, so we wanted to communicate our solutions-based
approach and modernize our group logo to have a strong identity on its own. The individual StressCrete and
King Luminaire product brand icons are no longer part of the new StressCrete Group logo, however these are
still important product brands and you’ll continue to see them in our marketing materials when promoting specific
product lines.
As for the StressCrete and King Luminaire product brand logos, each were revised slightly. To achieve
consistency, both logo’s fonts were updated to the same font as the new StressCrete Group logo to clearly
communicate that we are a group of companies. We trust that these new logos communicate a company that is
propelling forward, one that offers multiple products and services, and a combined entity of endless solutions to
address the projects of today and the future.
Marketing Initiatives
With our new branding initiatives, there is
a great opportunity to update many of our
marketing materials. Most excitingly, we
have launched our new website, www.scgrp.
com, with easy navigation and increased
searchability plus introduced new advertising
that communicates StressCrete Group as a
key integrator of Smart City technology. Our
advertising campaign communicates that
our versatile luminaires and poles are the
essential backbone for technology integration
and intelligent lighting. Let’s start a dialogue
so that we can provide a unique solution for
each and every project. In addition, as we
move forward, we will continue to update
literature and other materials – stay tuned!
Key Integrators of Smart City technology
StressCrete Group’s versatile luminaires and poles are the essential backbone for technology
integration and intelligent lighting.
Let’s determine your unique solution together!
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2019-02-27 3:03 PM

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