190609 SCG Newsletter FNL2 - Page 5

July 2019
Spun Concrete Utility Poles
Designed to provide reliable strength, unsurpassed
durability and a long service life, each of our spun concrete
utility poles are made to order; customized by length,
strength and customer specifications. With many of the
challenging issues that are presented today, StressCrete’s
spun concrete poles are the ideal utility pole for power
distribution and transmission applications.
Storm Hardening Initiatives
Extreme weather events are becoming an increasing threat
to utility companies. Spun concrete poles improve the
reliability and performance of transmission and distribution
systems due to their high tolerance to severe wind gusts
and fire resistance resulting in fewer replacement poles and
faster power restoration times.
Hurricane, Fire and Ice Protection
Due to spun concrete’s high-strength and high-density
which doesn’t lose strength over time, our utility poles are
very durable. There are no fatigue joints, they have minimal
vibration, deflection and distortion plus they’re capable of
withstanding high ice loading. In addition, they are resistant
to fire, woodpeckers and termites plus highly resistant
to road and de-icing salts, airborne acidities and acidic
soils. To meet StressCrete Group’s Vision 2025 objectives,
we are focusing on our Utility relationships across North
America to establish new transmission and distribution
standards. With updated communication tools, new Utility
Pole website, and increased tradeshow presence, we are
well on our way to increase our market share within this
market segment. Consult your Regional Sales Manager to
find out how we can assist in your Utility Pole projects.

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