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Message from Albemarle’s Chairman, President & CEO Luke Kissam
Our potential is powered by our passion to innovate, dedication to serve our
customers and willingness to collaborate with each other. It’s also driven by
the trust we have built with our customers, neighbors, communities, suppliers
and investors. These qualities have contributed to a reputation that has taken
years to build.
To protect and further enhance this reputation, our work must be guided by
our Core Values of Care, Collaboration, Courage, Curiosity, Humility, Integrity
and Transparency. A new project might present obvious commercial benefits
and be in line with local and international laws. But when we apply all of our
Core Values, is there a better option? Regularly asking this question in team
meetings and of our business partners is critical to our continued success.
Our Code of Conduct teaches us how to put our Values in action. Throughout
this Code, you’ll see principles guided by our Core Values and organized by
activity, so that it’s easy to see how they apply in your day-to-day work. We
have also developed an interactive eCode for employees that provides more
detailed requirements and guidance in any given work situation.
Each of us has an internal compass guiding our ability to know right from wrong.
We learned it as youngsters on the playground and in the sandbox. It’s the voice
inside our head shouting “Don’t do it” or “Do it — it’s the right thing.” Never
compromise our Core Values in exchange for any short-term gain. Remember, the
way we work is as important as the products we sell; the “how” is just as important
as the “what.”
Our work can be complex, and sometimes the right path forward may not be clear.
You are not alone. If you are ever unsure what to do, put our Value of Humility in
action by asking questions. It’s also important to speak up when you see activity that
is contrary to our Core Values or applicable laws. In this Code we offer multiple ways
for you to get help or report anything you think is wrong. Your Courage in speaking
up will help the Company address the issue and do the right thing.
When we put our Values in action and commit to this Code, together we’ll build
a stronger future for us and all of our stakeholders.
Be safe.


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