Albemarle Code of Conduct - Page 65

We make good decisions and maintain the trust of
our investors if the Albemarle financial information
provided to them is accurate and complete.
Albemarle maintains internal controls to ensure
that our books and records fully and objectively
reflect our business and financial transactions
and their underlying business purpose in a
materially accurate manner.

We only execute transactions in accordance with this
Code, applicable policies and laws. It is our personal
responsibility to know those requirements.
We only approve transactions within the scope of our
delegated authority.
We validate transactions and the source, destination
and transmission of funds through appropriate
supporting documentation.

We do not intentionally create false, incomplete or
misleading entries in our books or records.

We do not use Albemarle funds or assets in violation
of our Code or applicable law.
We do not establish or maintain undisclosed or
unrecorded Company funds or assets.

We record all intercompany transactions at arm’s
length, and in accordance with the OECD Transfer
Pricing Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and
Tax Administrations.

We are honest, transparent and timely in our
engagement with auditors and tax authorities.

We immediately report concerns with the accuracy
of our books and records, the integrity of our internal
controls or any suspected fraud.

We collect and understand documentation about
prospective business partners to ensure that they are
involved in legitimate business activities and that their
funds come from legitimate sources.


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