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Questions and Answers
Why do it?
Because there is a huge need – as the statistics above indicate. In our own experience
over the last 4 years, on average 1 person per week present themselves at Gateway,
advising of being “homeless”. We work with various agencies to meet immediate
needs and lasting solutions and have had many success stories over the last few years.
However, more can be done – more lives can be transformed, more success stories
written and the vulnerable and needy in our community served far more than ever
Why our existing Rehoboth Centre?
Gateway owns the site and current building.
An assessment of both land and premises in the Abergavenny area is comparatively
expensive. Tackling the challenge with a unitary approach would increase the costs,
result in a multi-site operation, and consequently fragmentation of operations.
Therefore, a distinct advantage exists in consolidating activities within a single site.

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