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This sermon is Part 3 of a series on the examination of the signs of God’s presence and guidance in the wilderness. The forty
year journey of the children of Israel in the wilderness mirrors the uncertainty of the pandemic journey we find ourselves in
today. Wilderness seasons bring scarce resources, difficult grief, political upheaval, and fear, but they teach us how to trust
God in a way we never had before. In the midst of the wilderness we always find out that God provides clarity,
direction, and guidance through clouds, which are ways that God confirms internal revelation of God’s will, plan,
and purpose for our lives.
In this week’s lesson Pastor Wesley taught us that there is a difference between external confirmation and internal
revelation. Sometimes we fail to embrace the external signs because external signs should only confirm the revelation
we’ve already received internally. Before God proves it in our eyes God speaks it in our heart. When it is time for God
to confirm something externally there are five ways that God confirms God’s internal revelation of his will in our
lives. God confirms God’s will through the following external signs:
1 Closed Doors - God’s will is greater than your want and God shutting one door is God’s way of redirecting you
to something better.
2 Answered Prayers - Every open door is not God’s calling for you to walk through, but prayer will reveal which
opportunity is ordained for your life.
3 Wise Counsel - God surrounds you with people who have wisdom to pour into you and embracing that
counsel helps you to walk in faith rather than foolishness.
4 The Preached Word - A good pastor is God’s gift to your life because the Holy Spirit will align the preached
word to confirm the revelation you’ve already received.
5 Obstacles and Opposition - Sometimes God confirms you are where you should be through an obstacle in your way.
1 Pastor Wesley says that if you have a dedicated devotional life and if you’ve been in prayer and if you’re in your
word and you sense God speaking to you, TRUST IT. Is there any area in your life where God has given you an
internal revelation but you don’t trust it, what is preventing you from doing so? How can you move past fear
to walk boldly in faith?
2 Think of a time when you have totally missed the will of God. Looking at the five signs of confirmation, can you
see where God used one or more of the five signs to speak to you about his will? In missing the will of God, did
you try to listen to God, but misunderstood the signs? What do you think you could do differently next time to
gain more clarity? If you understood the signs, but chose to ignore them, why?
3 Do you suffer from analysis paralysis? Are you the person who questions so much that you don’t trust that you
can hear from God? If so, how can you apply the principles of this sermon to help you move past indecisiveness
to the joy and peace of being confident in your ability to hear from God and make wise choices?
4 At the end of the sermon, Pastor Wesley said if you don’t have a sense of peace about a situation, it may not
be God’s will. When have you pushed past feelings of peace to pursue your own will and desires despite
anxiety and inner turmoil? What were the consequences? When have you followed peace and what were those
outcomes? What kinds of reminders or discipline can you put in place to help you follow God’s will and let
peace to be your umpire?

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