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at Moses, who is perhaps the greatest person in the history of Israel. On this Mother’s Day it’s important for us to
recognize that Moses’ life was never shaped by another man, but instead by a group of women.
The 2020 lesson from the book of Exodus is that we should never tell our story of greatness and leave out the names
of the women God has used to fulfill God’s greatness in our lives. Let’s take a moment to celebrate the 5 women who
played a mothering role in Moses’ life so we can appropriately celebrate all of the women in our lives:
4 Miriam - Moses’ sister who ensured that Moses was protected. We thank God for those who protected us. Miriam
also made sure that Moses was aware of his Hebrew identity. Moses is an African who lived in the palace, but left
the palace because he was convicted to stand in solidarity with his people. We all need a Miriam in our lives who
will remind us of our identity and our responsibility so we can fully walk in God’s calling for our lives.
In conclusion Pastor Wesley also offered a word of encouragement to single women who desire marriage or
motherhood. He said that Miriam also shows us that matrimony, marriage, and biological motherhood are not the
only way for you to become great in this world.
1 It was said in the sermon that Jocabed brought Moses into the world, but was unable to nurture and raise him.
Pastor Wesley said that one way to move forward from a similar situation is to “love her (Mom) for who she is,
and forgive her for who she wasn’t... because she may have done the best she could with what she knew.” Reflect
on your relationship with your Mom. What areas needed love? What areas needed forgiveness? Consider talking to
Mom or to The Lord if needed for closure.
2 Pastor Wesley named several women who no longer live but he said “when we name the dead, they never die.”
Women like Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Ida B. Wells, Fannie Lou Hamer, Rosa Parks, Dorothy Height,
Madam C. J. Walker, Ruby Dee, Mary Mcleod Bethune and many more. Name some dynamic women who are no
longer here but have influenced your life directly or indirectly. Reflect on how they have inspired you.
3 We learned that Miriam was responsible for reminding Moses of his identity. This set the stage for Moses to say
yes to the call of God in Exodus chapter 3. Who in your life is currently reminding you of your identity and
your responsibility? Are you making enough time to hear their voice as a counter-influence to the other voices
around you?
3 Bithiah - Pharoah’s daughter who pulled Moses out of the water. On Mother’s Day we celebrate the women who
didn’t birth us, but nurtured us, provided for us, and celebrated us.
2 Jochebed - Moses’ birth mother who gave him away instead of raising him. Many of us were hurt by the actions
of the Jochebed’s in our lives, but Pastor Wesley encouraged us to “love her for who she is and forgive her for
who she wasn’t.” This Mother’s Day we are encouraged to look past our hurt and see her humanity.
1 Shiphrah & Puah - Two Hebrew midwives who disobeyed Pharaoh and allowed thousands of Hebrew children
(including Moses’ father) to survive. Shiphrah and Puah teach us to celebrate the ancestors who put themselves at
risk and paved the way for us to be who we are today.
1 Pastor Wesley said that we should never tell our story without sharing the names of women that God has used
in our story. He named the five women who played a key role in the life of Moses. Study what the scriptures

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