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Divorcecare and Divorcecare 4Kids
DivorceCare is a recovery support group for adults to find hope and healing as they journey
through one of life’s most difficult experiences—the breakup of a marriage. Running
concurrently is DivorceCare 4Kids, which helps children deal with the pain caused by
the separation and/or divorce of their parents by providing a safe and nurturing space to
recognize and learn to share their feelings. Confidentiality is an important and respected
part of the DivorceCare Ministry and DivorceCare 4Kids. Participants honor a covenant
agreement to ensure that when we gather we are doing so in safe and sacred space.
The Drama Ministry serves the Lord by presenting His Word in a creative way. If we can
draw one more soul to Christ, then we are doing His bidding.
The mission of the Entrepreneurship Ministry (EM) is to connect church members interested
in starting their own business or taking their existing business to the next level with other
church members and individuals who have had success with self-employment. The primary
goal of the ministry is to have the successful entrepreneurs mentor others on how to launch
and perpetuate successful ventures. In addition, the ministry provides a general forum for
Christian entrepreneurs to fellowship, form meaningful business relationships, and share
experiences with one another on how to create and sustain their businesses.
The mission of the Evangelism Ministry is to prepare ASBC members to become spiritled witnesses of the gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ. The objective is to infuse
evangelism into the life of the church—connecting all members of the congregation. The
ministry provides regular training to equip members with biblical principles and practical
tools for sharing their faith. It also serves as a resource to all ministries and discipleship
groups through a network of evangelism coordinators, promoting various evangelism
styles using each individual’s personality to witness when opportunities arise, including the
church’s missions activities and community outreach events.
Family Services
BB & Family Services Ministry donates time and resources to those facilities and
organizations in the DC area that help improve the situations of boarder babies, at-risk
expectant mothers, and families with infants and children in need. The ministry’s purpose
is to continuously demonstrate God’s grace, mercy and compassion through our actions
and our ministry; to make a positive impact on the community through the donation
of our time, resources and finances to those facilities who need it; to increase awareness
among our members and in our community of boarder babies and families in need
through our involvement, commitment and volunteering.

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