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Basic Components of the ASBC Worship
Preparation – We should begin before we enter the sanctuary. We should
prayerfully ask God to prepare our heart for entering into His presence for
worship. (Psalm 100)
Praise and Worship through Music – We sing hymns and songs of Zion that
give adoration, thanksgiving and praise to the majesty of God our Creator,
Jesus our Savior and the Holy Spirit our Comforter.
Call to Worship – Is an invitation for the congregation to turn their attention
toward worship. It consists of greetings/thoughts/scriptures to bring the
congregation together, of one mind on the Triune God, for worship. We assemble
to meet God and encounter others who have come to worship Him also.
Invocation – Means to invoke or call upon or to make a plea through prayer as
we call upon God to make Himself present with us. Our worship experience
cannot be enacted in our own power, but by the power of God through the
Holy Spirit.
Passing of the Peace – This is a gesture that communicates peace with God and
peace with each other.
Hymn of Praise – Generally is our opening congregational song with words of
praise, adoration, or thanksgiving.
Baptism – It is an outward sign of inward spiritual renewal and rebirth. It
symbolizes death, burial and resurrection. It is also a declaration to the world
that they have died with Christ and have been raised with Him in the newness
of life. (Takes place on the Saturday before the first Sunday of the month at the
6pm service.) (I Corinthians 5:17; Acts 10:47–48; Rom. 6:4)

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