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Holy Communion – This is the Lord’s Supper. (Our Communion takes place
on Saturday before the second Sunday at the 6:00 p.m. service, and the Second
Sunday of the month at all Sunday services). In the Bible Jesus commands us to
“Do this in Remembrance of Him.” We remember why God sent His Son into
the world so that human beings may be saved. Symbolically, the sacraments,
the bread represents Christ’s broken body and the cup, His spilled blood on
Calvary’s Cross.
Tithes & Offerings – The giving of our tithes and offerings are an expression
of worship as we respond to God’s claim on our lives; thus giving Him a
portion of what He has in fact given us. A “tithe” means tenth. In Malachi
3:10 the Lord commands that we give a tithe of all He has blessed us with. An
offering is any amount we give after we have given our tithe. Our tithes and
offerings are used to support our church and the work of God’s kingdom here
on earth. When we tithe, we demonstrate our desire to be good stewards over
all that which God has entrusted in our care.
Doxology – Is an expression of praise to God; especially a short hymn sung as
part of the worship service. We sing the “doxology” after receiving the tithes
and offerings.

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