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The Sermon – A message based on scripture references; and it may be on
a religious or moral subject. More importantly the gospel message should
identify with the cross or of Christ crucified. The sermon should always have
some “good news and hope” for the lives of the worshipers. The sermon is
preached by the pastor, a member of the clergy of the church or special guest.
The Invitation to Christian Discipleship – A clarion call extended to anyone
in the congregation who has never been baptized (new believers) and these
are they who come forth making a public profession of their faith in the Lord
Jesus Christ (Romans 10:9), believing that He died for their sins and desiring
to be baptized. It is also for those who have Christian experience, coming from
another church or denomination and/or having a relationship with Christ. It
also includes those who may have strayed from the church for a period of time
and desire to reunite with the church. Whosoever will let them come.
The Right Hand of Fellowship – Is extended on the Saturday before the
second Sunday of each month at the 6pm service. The pastor, other clergy,
and/or official leaders of the church may extend the Right Hand of Fellowship
to recent members who have joined; which signifies a person is a member of
the church and has all rights and privileges as a member of the church. The
member may vote and hold office in the church, etc.
Welcome & Prayer for Joining Disciples – The Pastor/minister takes this
time to express with great joy a “welcome” to all those who have joined
with Christ, either as new believers (candidates for baptism) or by Christian
experience or by Watchcare and then offers a prayer of encouragement for
them unto the Lord.
Choral Closing – Signifies “going out from.” (A final amen and alleluia to the
Lord). Amen—meaning so be it; a concluding act or word; or an approval of
Alleluia-means praise ye the Lord.
Benediction – The benediction is a pronouncement of blessing. The blessing
comes from God and is communicated through His servants, i.e., pastors/

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