Archroma-Sustainability-Report-FY2018 - Page 14

Archroma has a flat management structure that allows us to effectively communicate the strategic
direction throughout the organization, closely monitor the implementation of initiatives and required
activities needed to implement the strategy, and to rapidly respond to the business needs, opportunities
and challenges.
The main senior management decision-making body is the Archroma Global Leadership Team (LT).
The LT possess a wide range of competencies, business and financial skills, chemical competence, market
knowledge and international experience and are responsible to determine the strategy and structure to
set the pace for current operations and future development. The LT consist of eight senior executives of the
company and are responsible for the execution of the BoD-approved strategy and direction. This includes
reviewing and evaluating the external current and future opportunities, threats and resultant risk to markets,
the strengths and weaknesses of the current and future organization and resultant risk to the business, and
to decide upon the strategic options required and the means to implement and support them. Remuneration
and risk management also falls within the BoD responsibility. The LT structure incorporates all the key
functions of Archroma management.
The Board of Directors (BoD) supervises the LT, on behalf of the main shareholder, and has two levels
of operation. The primary function is to liaise with the LT and make final approval of the proposed strategy,
the underlying tactics to achieve the strategy, and financial planning including targets.
Board of
Archroma Leadership Team,
with significant experience
in the chemicals and process
Barry Siadat
Siegfried Fischer
Harri Kerminen
Alexander Wessels
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Miguel Kohlman
Jared Kramer
Delhia Perez-Garbin
Reynald Tavoillot
Douwe Terpstra
Roland Waibel
Stephan Sielaff
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Hans Lourens
General Counsel
The secondary function is to actively support specific projects within Archroma, this being dependent
upon the competencies of the individual directors appointed to the board. Thus, the BoD has a twotier
working principle equivalent to a traditional single tier board.
External quality management auditing of Archroma to international standards falls within the responsibility
of the Quality Management team, reporting directly to the Chief Operating Officer (COO). The compliance
committee, which has the responsibility to ensure an ethical business culture through the Archroma Code
of Conduct and incorporates our whistleblower policy, is also led by the COO.
Stephan Sielaff
Hans Lourens (FY2018)
Ana Perez
Stefan Kuehn
Marcos Furrer
Miguel De Bellis
Michel Zumstein
Beate Plueckhan
President BPT, PP, CAS and
President Region Americas
President Region Asia
President Region EMEA

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