Archroma-Sustainability-Report-FY2018 - Page 37

In order to be able to support this demand, Product Stewardship
at Archroma is managed focusing on three areas:
1. Laboratory support to ensure compliance of our products and resultant manufactured products to
the health, safety and environmental standards of authorities, or brands and retailers.
2.An advocacy program, aimed at assisting authorities, NGOs, brands and other stakeholders to increase
understanding of the environmental and social impact of our products and their chemical components.
Archroma has grown as a respected partner and regularly consults on topics and ingredients which
are under scrutiny or evaluation.
3.An annual operating plan with strict targets and monitoring tools and processes aimed at increasing
the efficiency of product stewardship at Archroma with timely updates of regulatory documentation.
Archroma has strict internal guidelines in place to ensure that eco-toxicological information is established,
maintained and communicated following the highest standards.
Archroma communicates directly with our customers with standard documents aimed at directing
customers in the most efficient use of Archroma products to maximize levels of productivity and minimize
resource usage.
This information is provided in the form of:
•Technical Data Sheets (TDS) - which are established for each product and provide information about its
technical properties (for example appearance, pH, density etc.), application field, typical application
recipe, available packaging and handling recommendation.
An online database of product TDS is maintained and managed by the respective product manager
and is accessible to all Archroma sales and marketing organizations for communication to customers.
All new global products are launched with a package addressed
to the marketing & sales organization and containing:
1.An internal launch letter containing information on e.g. the marketing positioning, business
opportunity, production site, packaging options, and the available certifications.
2.The respective technical data sheet(s).
3. The respective material safety data sheet(s).
4.Promotional information to support the new product(s), such as promotional flyers, supporting
technical customer presentations, etc.
Innovations are also further introduced to the marketing & sales organization in dedicated webinars allowing
deeper training and question and answer (Q&A) sessions.
The marketing & sales organization is then responsible for the introduction of the product to the
customers and market, supported on an ad hoc basis by media activities such as press releases and
advertisement, or social media activities. All products removed for the portfolio or reformulated also trigger
a similar information notification process to the sales organization.

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