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How we influence the biodiversity in our various locations is important to us and NGO stakeholders.
None of our production sites are within biodiversity areas, as identified by the World Database of
Key Biodiversity Areas (
Ilker Ravis never
lost his focused,
despite studying
alongside his
full-time job and
taking care of
his family.
He knows only
and hard work
gets you further
in your career.
However we are sensitive to biodiversity and as such we know that there are 5 sites that are within
a 10 kilometer proximity to biodiversity sites:
Production Site
Key Biodiversity Area
La Motte, France
Forêt Compiegne
El Prat de Llobregat, Spain
Llobregat Delta
Ameriya, Egypt
Wadi El Natrun
Roha, India
Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary
Bangpoo, Thailand
Inner Gulf of Thailand
In the reporting period there were no incidents or activities at our sites that could pose a threat to any
endangered species, and therefore no additional prevention or remediation activities have been initiated.
In the interim we are extra vigilant to ensure that no such incidents or activities occur at our any of our
“We need only one thing: to be hardworking.”
Ilker Ravis, Plant Engineer at Archroma Germany in
Wiesbaden, has taken on these words from Mustafa
Kemal Atatürk as his motto. Ilker has been with the
company since 1995. In that time, he has worked
his way up from an apprenticeship to his current
One experience that especially demonstrated Ilker’s
commitment to hard work was his decision to
study alongside his job. In 2012, he chose to pursue
a degree in process engineering, supported by the
company, at the University of Applied Sciences,
Bingen. During this time, he also worked as
deputy plant engineer – before being additionally
given the role of plant foreman. And even while
maintaining two jobs – and keeping his family
happy – he completed his studies in 2016.
Ilker enjoys using his knowledge and experience
as a chemical technician, as well as the planning
and organizational skills he picked up from his
further training. His recent promotion to plant
engineer was a challenge, but a successful one:
“After a very short familiarization period, I had
to make sure that the day-to-day business ran
smoothly,” he says. “But thanks to good colleagues
I managed this very well, I think.”
Married with two children, Ilker is also a keen
traveller, fond of exploring other cultures and ways
of life. And he knows how to find inspiration in
the wider world, so that he returns to work filled
with fresh ideas: “I am inspired by everything that
distracts me, relaxes me or demands my attention.
This frees up resources in the brain, and the
solution is suddenly there.”
Specific projects that were completed in FY2018
•The installation of ozone effluent treatment to our site In Tianjin, China in order to exceed the local
requirements of effluent color and nitrogen content.
•Additional air scrubbers installed in Jamshoro, Pakistan, and El Prat de Llobregat, Spain.
•Effluent reduction measures in Salvatierra, Mexico, and Zarate, Argentina.
•Move to 100% renewable sourced electricity supply for Resende, Brazil.

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