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Archroma has a published training policy, signed by the Chief Executive Officer. Archroma recognizes that
employee development and training is an integral part of the organization’s strategic intent so that all
employees are performing their individual jobs effectively and prepare for future challenges to ensure that
the organization meets its purpose sustainably.
The policy is designed to support and help Archroma employees and their line managers develop
themselves and their teams. It is a joint responsibility in development and training by individual employees,
supervisors/management and Archroma, and is integrated within each employees’ job specification and
forms a part of the annual performance appraisal. Archroma provides company-wide training programs for
nominated employees in line with their job, function and needs.
The company invests in these programs at all four levels including by partnering with specialist training
and technology companies for design support. As our business in the manufacture, sales and marketing
of specialty chemicals tends to be a capital, rather than labor, intensive business, specific training for the
organization on human rights is not foreseen. However, due to the nature of our business and the markets
in which we operate, training based on the Archroma Code of Conduct is done on an annual basis for all
At this moment we do not comprehensively capture the total amount of training time per employee, gender
or employee category. However in FY2018 a total of 1 440 hours training was organized for a total of 240
employees for “Commercial Excellence” (640 hours for 40 employees) and “MakeExpert” (total 800 hours
for 200 employees) training modules of the Archroma Academy.
Since first
the company
as a student,
Assumpta Tristan
has been
challenges at
Archroma with
her positive
attitude and
fondness for
“Every day you can learn something,” says Assumpta
Tristan, even though she is no longer the student
she was five years ago. Assumpta first worked with
Archroma for her final degree project in 2014, in the
Product & Process Application lab in Prat. When
that project came to an end, she was invited to
apply for the role of Paper Application Lab Manager
for Iberia. She has been working for Archroma ever
since and was promoted to Sales Representative in
February 2018.
Assumpta is never deterred by the problems she
has to face in her work. “Paper machines are like
people,” she comments, “all are similar, but each
one is unique.” That has a very particular meaning
for her: the same chemical product can affect each
paper machine in a totally different way. Some
might find that infuriating, but not Assumpta.
“This is awesome,” she says. “It is absolutely the
reason that you never feel bored.”
Solving problems is at the heart of what she enjoys
about her role, especially the way that it makes
people work together. “You work as a team with
the paper mill workers,” she says, “and they trust in
you.” Equally, she trusts that her colleagues always
have her back.
“A good team always needs different kinds of
members to be powerful,” she says – something
that’s as true at work as it is on the volleyball court.
Assumpta has been playing since she was eight,
and believes that the sport has helped her
understand teamwork. One of the things she
always brings to her team is a positive outlook.
Her personal mantra is simple but inspiring:
“Everything has a positive side.”
Plans are underway to capture this information with the introduction of a systematic training module
within our “myHR” online platform however this is not envisaged until FY2020. The effectiveness of the
program is measured by the direct effect on the business performance. This is done at both functional and
individual level for the specific programs and the areas of business impacted. The long term target will be
to ensure that 90% of all employees undergo an Archroma Academy module in FY2023.
The talent management process is managed by the global HR management team supporting the Archroma
Leadership Team members in their respective area of responsibility.
Archroma runs a number of outreach education programs with textile universities and institutions, such
as the University of Karachi and Textile Institutes like SMA Rizwi in Pakistan (we train an average of 100
students annually), the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and the House of Denim in Amsterdam.
We also support the annual International Design Competition of the Society of Dyers and Colorists. We
support these programs by, for example, donating financial contributions and/or tools or access to our
facilities for on-site training.
Archroma also offer slots in several countries to universities for students’ looking for practical experience
and training as part of their curriculum.
The company also implemented an internal job posting program to allow internal mobility and career
development, as well as community support via internal and external referrals.

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