Continental Pricelist 2020 VERS 3 - Page 5

AVK shall not be liable for any trading loss, loss
of time, loss of profit, lost earnings or any other
consequential losses.
To the extent that any product liability may be
imposed on AVK towards any third party, the
purchaser shall be liable to indemnify AVK to the
same extent as AVK' liability is limited according
to the above. However, these limitations in AVK'
liability shall not apply if the damage can be
ascribed as a gross negligence to a person for
which AVK is responsible.
If a third party should advance claims against
AVK or the purchaser for damages pursuant to
this clause 8 or if one of the parties should have
reason to believe that a claim may be advanced,
this party shall immediately inform the other party
to this effect.
§9 Escape clause (Force majeure):
The following circumstances shall mean an
exemption from liability if they prevent AVK from
performing a contract or make the performance
unreasonably burdensome: fire, explosion, Act
of God, epidemic, war, riot or civil commotion,
unrest, martial law, mobilisation or similar military
measures, seizures, currency restrictions, import
and export prohibition, strike, lockout or other
circumstances of a similar nature beyond the
control of AVK, be it with AVK or with AVK'
§10 Venue and law:
Any dispute which may arise between AVK and
the customer shall be settled finally and binding
on both parties by the Maritime and Commercial
Court in Denmark pursuant to Danish law - unless
a written acceptance has been given to the
When one or several of the above conditions are
reversed totally or partly by a legal decision or by
an amendment in legislation, this does not mean
that the Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery
shall be cancelled as a whole, but that they are
amended according to the legal decision and/or to
the amendment of law.
We assume no responsibility for any
printing errors.
The prices are vaild until 2020.12.31 or
until a new price list is available.
All prices are based on full pallet
A = max. 2 weeks
B = max. 8 weeks
C = > 8 weeks

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