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Many recipes call for added refined
sugar, and students always love a
sweet treat. Why can’t we add sugar
in our recipes and what can I do to add
sweetness to the breakfasts?
Consuming too much added sugar,
increases risk of weight gain and visceral fat
accumulation. Additionally, consumption
of large amounts of added sugar increases
heart disease risk factors such as obesity,
high blood pressure and inflammation. A
high-sugar diet may lead to obesity and
insulin resistance, both of which are risk
factors for diabetes. High-sugar foods can
also negatively impact your energy levels by
causing a spike in blood sugar followed by
a crash. Instead opt for natural honey, maple
syrup, dates, and naturally sweet fruit like
How can I incorporate more vegetables
into the students’ breakfast?
Add vegetables to breakfast burritos,
muffins, smoothies, and baked egg cups!
Use the recipes in this recipe book to help
spark some creative ideas.

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