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White Flour
Whole Grains
White bread products are
made from refined grain,
which all the nutrients are
stripped. Refined grain
products also spike insulin
levels, increasing one’s
risk for weight gain, type II
diabetes, and heart disease.
Natural sugar alternatives
like honey and maple syrup
Refined sugar is highly
addictive. It causes many
health conditions including
obesity, type II diabetes,
tooth decay, a higher risk of
heart disease, and fatty liver.
Pancake Syrup
Use natural sweeteners,
such as honey and maple
syrup. Honey is full of
antioxidants, anti-fungal
and bacterial, and regulates
blood sugar levels. Maple
syrup contains many
essential minerals such as
Manganese and Zinc. Make
the berry compote from this
recipe book!
Pancake table syrup is
essentially bottled sugar! It
spikes insulin levels and is an
unnatural sweetener.
Flavoured yogurt
Plain Greek yogurt with
berry compote
Flavoured yogurt contains
high levels of added sugar.

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