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The Concordia Way
90 Years of Caring for the Community
Spring 2018
A joint effort
Concordia’s Hip and Knee Institute is a step ahead in
delivering world-class treatment, research and education
brings comfort
and care
Inside one of Concordia's Comfort Care Rooms.
Concordia Hip and Knee Institute’s orthopaedic surgeons: Dr. David Hedden, Dr. Thomas Turgeon, Dr. Colin Burnell and Dr. Eric
Ryan McBride
e need them to rock and roll, twist and shout, and
turn, baby, turn. Without them, it’s impossible to
walk, run, bend or climb. They’re the joints in our
hips and knees—and when they’re not working properly, we
suffer, not only from stiffness and immobility, but sometimes
debilitating pain. Joint problems affecting the hips and knees
make life miserable for millions of Canadians each year, and
the numbers keep growing.
The good news? The Hip and Knee Institute (HKI) at Concordia Hospital is finding ways to keep several strides ahead of the
problem with innovations in surgical technique, joint implant
technology, research, and education that are improving lives
for Manitobans and people around the world.
Wear and tear, and more
The Institute stands to the east of Concordia Hospital across
Molson Avenue: a clean, glistening 60,000 square foot complex of
glass and concrete matched on the inside by spacious, warm and
light-filled spaces. The facility opened in 2009 and coordinates
joint replacement surgeries to approximately 1,400 patients per
year from Manitoba and parts of Ontario, Saskatchewan and
What leads them here? For many, the first sign of a problem is
pain and stiffness in the hips or knees, says Dr. Tom Turgeon, one
of the Institute’s four surgeons. “They go to their family doctor
and get an x-ray that reveals a condition such as degenerative
arthritis. When non-surgical treatments won’t or don’t work,
they’re referred here.”
The main culprit is degenerative arthritis, also known as os6 Hip and Knee Institute page 4
oncordia is committed to quality end-of-life care,
and to supporting people and their loved ones in
a deep and compassionate way. The Concordia
Foundation has fully embraced this commitment as one
of our top priorities. We’re acting on this commitment
by raising funds to convert five existing patient rooms
into dedicated Comfort Care Rooms.
Our ultimate goal is to create a serene, calm, private
environment for people who are nearing the end of life,
and their families. The rooms feature comfortable, warm
furnishings—for instance, a pull-out couch for family
members who wish to remain overnight.
Two of the five Comfort Care Rooms have been completed. They have provided dignity and care since February and in October. These two rooms were made possible
through the generosity of Wawanesa Canada, and the
Roger Gripp Family in memory of Rev. Mark Gripp.
In February, the foundation was thrilled when two
6 Comfort Care Rooms page 10
Serving Our Community
You are a key player in the future and quality of healthcare for our region. Your donation to the Concordia Foundation supports research
and patient care at Concordia Hospital, and enhances our cutting-edge research in joint replacement. Every donation makes a difference.
DONATE NOW! Call 204.661.7156 or donate online at WWW.CONCORDIAFOUNDATION.CA


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