Concordia Way 2018 Spring Issue - Page 15

Getting Around
About Concordia Hospital
Contact Us
Concordia Hospital
1095 Concordia Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2K 3S8
Telephone: 204-667-1560
Fax: 204-667-1049
General Inquiries: 204-667-1560
Main Floor Layout
Frequently Called Numbers
Executive Office: 204-661-7401
Emergency: 204-661-7194
Concordia Foundation: 204-661-7156
Human Resources: 204-661-7242
Human Resources Shared Services (WHRA):
Patient Inquiry: 204-667-1560
The Official Seal
Please call direct to all Departments
If a Department is not listed please call 204667-1560
Accounts Payable: 204-787-2710
Accounts Receivable: 204-661-7182
Administration: 204-661-7401
Admitting (Patient Registration): 204-6617178
CT: 204-661-7212
EKG: 204-661-7173
Health Records: 204-661-7164
Home Care: 204-661-7227
Human Resources: 204-661-7242
Human Resources Shared Services (WHRA):
- Fax Line: 204-940-1698
- Email:
Laboratory: 204-661-7174
Occupational Therapy: 204-661-7216
Oncology: 204-661-7277
Orthopedic Outpatient Clinic: 204-661-7385
Physiotherapy: 204-661-7354
Respiratory Research: 204-661-7431
Respiratory Therapy: 204-661-7346
Social Work: 204-661-7185
Spiritual Care: 204-661-7149
Staffing Office: 204-661-7158
Ultrasound: 204-661-7212
Volunteer Services: 204-661-7112
X-Ray: 204-661-7212
Concordia Foundation
Board of Directors
Roger Gripp, President
Chad Keuler, Vice-President
Valerie Wiebe, Secretary
Peter Dyck, Treasurer
Sue Barkman, Executive Director
Ground Floor Layout
Regan Archambault
Anupam Kothari
Apee Panchhi
Bernie Regehr
Michael Woelcke
The Official Seal
Concordia Hospital
Board of Directors
Michael Woelcke, Chair
Sherry Sukkau, Vice-Chair
Brad Klassen, Secretary/Treasurer
Valerie Wiebe, Concordia Hospital President
and COO
Michele Augert
Deborah Black
Janet Campbell
Victor Giesbrecht
Greg Lamothe
Gary Ledoux
Fred Loewen
Philip Pauls
David Penner
Ingrid Peters-Fransen
Bernie Regehr
Susan Wenzel
Randy Wiebe
Concordia Wellness Projects Inc.
Board of Directors
Hardy Rahn, Chair
Viola Labun, Vice-Chair
Jim Hayes, Secretary/Treasurer
Les Janzen, CEO
Randy Douglas
Herta Janzen
Brad Klassen
Elvira Paetkau
Frank Vogt
Valerie Wiebe
Spring 2018
Centre News 15


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