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The Comfort Care Campaign
has raised funds for a final room...
he Comfort Care Capital Campaign has been
completed in early 2019
with our final room funded.
We want to thank everyone who has supported this
campaign through their
room dedications, attendance at the Golf tournament and the Gala in 2018 as
well as ongoing donations.
We reached our goal to
build these dedicated rooms
with your help!
Thank you
to the donors
of the five rooms:
Anna Regier Harder, mother of Revita Dyck
Anna Bergen Dyck, mother of Peter Dyck
Anna Dyck, sister of Peter Dyck
n July 2018, we dedicated one of the Comfort Care Rooms at Concordia
to the memory of three amazing women named Anna. The donors
of this beautiful room are Peter and Revita Dyck who have long been
associated with Concordia.
In 1943 these three women, along with their families, had to flee
their war-torn homeland Russia for their own safety and freedom. They
sojourned westward on open train cars, but mostly on foot, until they
reached Germany.
At the time, Germany was unable to offer them protection from repatriation and so, with the help of MCC, they moved on to the Chaco,
Paraguay. They worked tirelessly to earn a livelihood, but they had their
freedom. As circumstances changed, but at different times, the Harder
and Dyck families immigrated to Canada. Anna Bergen Dyck passed
away unexpectedly and has her eternal resting place in the Chaco.
In Canada the families enjoyed a comfortable life with all their needs
being met, for which they were very thankful. They were survivors in
life and death and their lives will live on forever in the hearts and souls
they have touched. In remembrance of the Annas' this room was dedicated to the glory of God and for the comfort and dignity of others.
The "Gift of Comfort" Gala held in April 2018 raised
funds for the Comfort Care capital campaign.
Thanks to all 400 people who attended and
thanks to "Prodigy" and the Miles Mac music
program for their participation in this campaign.
Roger Gripp and family
in memory of
Rev. Mark Gripp

Wawanesa Insurance

Peter and Revita Dyck

The Juliette Bousquet Family
and attendees at the 2018 Gala

Geoff and Regan Archambault
Peter and Revita Dyck donated a Comfort Care Room in honour
of “The Annas” in their lives who have touched so many with
their care of others.
Juliette Bouquet’s Family dedicated the “Juliette
Room” in honour of mother and grandmother
who passed away in the first Comfort Care Room.
“Comfort Care Rooms are such a Blessing”
By Doreen Ens
y mother Gloria Delaney arrived in her Comfort
Care Room on Monday, December 3, 2018. The
room is on N1 North, which is on the first floor of
Concordia Hospital. I was filled with mixed
emotions as I realized that she would never
leave this room or go home to be with my
dad. What I also felt, though, was sense of
comfort. A brightly lit Christmas tree with
decorations was set up on top of a cabinet
that had a small fridge below. The room was
spacious, and there was a tree right outside
her window.She would comment whenever
a bird landed on a branch.
Time spent in the newly renovated room
gave my mother and family a more comfortable stay. My father Allan would visit and take naps on the
couch (which could also convert to a double bed). It was
comforting for both of them to be side by side. Several of us
had naps on that couch beside her, and we even had some
overnight stays.
My mother loved to watch television, and thanks to the
big-screen TV mounted on the wall, we shared some laughs
and some tears watching a few of her favourite shows, from
Family Feud, Price is Right and The Young and the Restless to
the many Hallmark movies that were running
over the Christmas season. One of her favourite channels showed old-time classic movies.
It helped her look back in time and remember
many special moments from her youth, and
the happy days when she first met my dad.
Those old movies often kept her up at night
(so the health care aids would tell me). The
movies swept her away and helped lift her
up from concerns about facing the end of life.
Mom’s life came to an end here on earth on
Monday, January 7, 2019. She went peacefully.
It was a blessing to know that we had this room to spend in
private with her, especially throughout the final days.
I will forever be thankful to the staff at Concordia Hospital
who took such special care of mom and supported our family, and to the Concordia Foundation for raising the funds
needed to place Mom in a Comfort Care Room.


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