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Meet your Concordia Security Team
By Ryan McBride
hey’re the folks you turn to when
you’re in danger, spot someone committing a suspicious activity, or can’t
find your way. They’re also the people
most likely to sort out a parking problem.
Whatever you need help with, they can
be your lifeline.
Meet Concordia Hospital’s security team.
Hospital security is a challenging but rewarding job, says Alan Philpot, Concordia’s
manager of security services. He’s worked
at here for 18 years. His wife also works at
the hospital.
Around a dozen guards are on Concordia’s security roster at any given time. They
provide 24-hour coverage of the hospital, personal care home and grounds. At
least one security guard is on duty at the
Emergency Room security desk 24 hours
a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
Another is available at the personal care
home reception desk daily from 8 pm to
might be caused by anything from a mental health issue to addiction, although Alan
says the spike of dangerous behaviour
due to methamphetamine use has gone
down in recent months thanks to new
Emergency Medical Services procedures.
Because Concordia is smaller than many
other health care facilities in Winnipeg,
members of Alan team are more likely to
encounter a wide variety of situations every day. That raises the bar when it comes
to qualifications. Concordia’s security personnel are contracted by a local firm that
requires them to complete Manitoba Justice’s 40-hour training course with a passing grade of 80% or higher. Once licensed,
each security guard receives additional
training before they set foot on hospital
grounds, including first aid, mental health
first aid, and non-violent crisis intervention.
“It’s critical our people know the difference between someone who is sick, and
someone who is acting up,” Alan says.
“They need to know when a personal requires observation even when they might
fering with mental illnesses might experi- seamlessly as we can.”
ence. In one exercise, for instance, he was
Members of Concordia’s security team
assigned the task of walking into a store come from all backgrounds. Some aspire
to make a purchase—a simple task made to careers in law enforcement, where expevastly more difficult thanks to voices de- rience in hospital security as highly sought
livering violent messages into his ears via after because of its diversity and skill set.
a pair of ear buds.
Others have journeyed here from farApart from advanced security training, ther afield. “We’ve had two doctors and
Alan says he’s always on the lookout to a dentist from overseas work for us while
hire people with strong customer service pursuing their qualification to practice in
Canada,” says Alan. “Working here offers
“Working here can take exceptional peo- them some flexibility in their schedule and
ple skills. People don’t come to hospitals help them keep their feet grounded in the
because they want to. We’re helping peo- world of health care.”
ple who are ill, or have just received very
His team is a loyal one—and includes
bad news about their health. They may some members have served for 10 years.
At Concordia Hospital, one of security’s not appear to, or that certain behaviour be grieving a loss. Emotions are running The reason, he says, is the people. Conprimary duties is called a Patient Watch. isn’t an act or attention-seeking, but may- high—and then they can’t find their way, or cordia employs around 1,200 people, and
That’s when hospital staff ask security to be a symptom of schizophrenia or bipolar they lose their parking ticket, or something Alan knows at least 1,000 of them on a firstkeep an eye on a patient whose erratic or disorder.”
else goes wrong. They come to us because name basis. “Everyone is friendly. You really
unpredictable behaviour may pose a danAlan says taking the course himself we’re in the uniform and visible. We have get to know each other. You’re accepted
ger to themselves or others. The behaviour opened his own eyes to what those suf- to be able to get people on their way as here as a part of the Concordia family.”
"Everyone is friendly. You really get to know each other. You’re
accepted here as a part of the Concordia family."
• Call 204.661.7229
• Dial 55 from any internal phone
to reach the hospital switchboard
• Visit the security desk in
Concordia’s Emergency Room
• Visit the main floor security office
off the front lobby
þþ You encounter anyone engaged in violent or suspicious activity.
þþ You are lost and can’t find your way.
þþ Your parking pass is lost or damaged, or the parking
gate won’t open.
þþ Your car won’t start.
þþ You need someone reliable to turn to for any reason. “We’re always here to help,” says Alan.
CODE BLUE — Cardiopulmonary arrest
CODE ORANGE — Disaster
CODE GREEN — Evacuation
CODE YELLOW — Missing patient/resident
CODE BLACK — Bomb threat/search
CODE WHITE — Violent incident
CODE BROWN — Internal chemical spill
CODE GREY — External air contamination
CODE PINK — Abduction (infant, child, adult)
"25" — Medical emergency


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