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Parking at
1 As you enter the surface lot parking area,
push the green button for your ticket;
once the arm raises, proceed into the
lot to an available parking spot. Please
be sure to take your ticket with you.
hile visiting Concordia
Hospital, please be
aware there is a fee for 2 Parking rates for surface lots are as
parking 24 hours a day, 7 days a
• $2.50 per hour to a daily maximum of $8.00
week. Here is a helpful guide to
• A lost ticket carries a fee of $15.00
using any one of our 4 convenient
3 When you are ready to leave, gently inparking pay stations located on
sert your ticket, with “Insert This End Up”
the Hospital property.
facing right side up into the ticket slot.
The other three pay stations
4 Once the machine has read your
are located just inside the main
ticket, the total amount for your
doors of the Hospital, inside the
parking will show in the display
window just above the ticket slot.
Emergency Admitting doors and
You have four options to pay:
just inside the doors at ConcorCoin – Place your change into the
dia Place. All are yellow in color.
slot labelled “COIN”, as you add your
These machines collect parking
coin, the screen will show a decreasing
amount remaining until the parking
fees for those who park in the surfee owed is met. This machine takes
face lots close to Emergency and
Canadian nickels, dimes, quarters, loonies & toonies.
Concordia Place.
Bills – Place your bills face side up
slowly into the bill slot until the machine
“catches” it and accepts it, repeat until
amount required is met.
Pay at the exit – You can pay for your parking at the exit on the surface lot by inserting your ticket first, then your credit card.
After you have paid by your chosen
method, the machine will return your
ticket, now validated; through the same
slot it was inserted. Be sure to take your
ticket with you back to your vehicle as
you still need it to exit. If you would
like a printed receipt, please press the
“Receipt” button located at the center
of the machine.
5 At the parking gate, gently insert your
If you provide more than required,
change (in coin only) will be provided
at the bottom of the machine; once the
machine has dispensed the required
change, push open the door to collect.
Credit card – Insert your credit card
right side up (see diagram on machine)
into the same slot as your parking ticket
and wait for it to process… this could
take a few moments so please be patient.
ticket into the yellow machine in the
surface lot, once the machine accepts
and verifies the ticket, the arm will raise
and you can exit the lot.
6 If you encounter any issues paying outside or with trying to leave, press the
help button marked on the machine and
security will respond. Please be patient.
7 If you have any issues with your parking
experience, please email us at parking@ and we will
get back to you as soon as possible or
within one business day.
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