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Where would you be
without your hip or knee?
The Stepping Forward campaign hopes to raise funds for
Concordia's unique, cutting-edge Hip and Knee Replacement Institute
By Ryan McBride
o on. Take a moment to thank your
hips and knees for all the hard work
they do for you day after day. Without them, you'd be unable to walk, run,
kneel, bend over, play with a child or grandchild... Just imagine your life without them.
"It’s safe to say that you, or someone you
know, have already felt what it's like when
hips and knees stop working properly," says
Dr. Thomas Turgeon, MPH FRCSC, Director
of Arthroplasty Research at the Concordia
Joint Replacement Group and Director of
University of Manitoba Fellow and Resident
Arthroplasty Training.
If you live with a faulty hip or knee, you're
likely to suffer from stiffness, immobility,
and debilitating pain. But the physical impacts are only part of the problem. As pain
and immobility get worse, says Turgeon,
you're more likely to become isolated from
your loved ones, from your independence,
from your work, "from a life that contains
any movement and joy."
But there's hope. Hip and knee replacement research, coupled with innovative
surgical techniques and implant technology, are currently being developed right
here in Winnipeg, at Concordia Hospital's
Hip and Knee Institute. With enough funding support, the Institute may help thousands of hip and knee sufferers through
the pain they’ve experienced so they can
step forward with their lives.
Last fall, the Concordia Foundation
launched Stepping Forward, the Concordia
Hip and Knee Institute Joint Replacement
Research Campaign—a fundraising effort
that will continue into 2019.
"This campaign is an opportunity for us
all to ensure that both the Concordia Hip
and Knee Institute and Concordia Hospital
remain a step ahead in helping thousands
of people regain freedom and mobility—
and say goodbye to debilitating pain—
each year," says Turgeon. "These funds will
enhance our ability to deliver world-class
treatment, research and education today
and into the future."
Research provides working knowledge
that translates into practical results for patients, he adds. "It can take time for research
to bear fruit, but the tangible impacts can
be a game-changer for generations to
Building the Institute's capacity is a
critical goal, as the number of people
needing hip and knee treatment continues to grow.
Hip to be Hal
By Hal Anderson
’m writing this a changed man. A few
short months ago, I was living with a
crazy amount of pain each and every day,
because of severe osteoarthritis in my left
hip. Then, a miracle happened. In January, I
had the hip replaced at Concordia Hospital.
I delayed the procedure to get my weight
down for a safer surgery. 250 pounds later
and the operation happened just in time
because according to my surgeon, the
amazing Dr. Dave Hedden at the Concordia
Hip and Knee Institute, my femural ball at
the top of my leg was started to collapse.
When I woke up in the hospital after the surgery, the first thing I did was
wiggle my toes to make sure everything
was still working. It was. Which is good
because my other leg suffered nerve
damage several years ago when I herniated three discs in my back.
The incredible staff had me up and
walking the next day. We’re so lucky to
have such good people working in our
healthcare system. They really put me
at ease as I took my first steps towards
About that pain. Before the surgery, it
normally hovered around an 8 or 9, sometimes shooting up to a 10.
Now? It’s down almost to 0. 
I was back to work in about a month.
Today, it’s almost two months later and I’ve
graduated from a walker to a cane. In a few
weeks, I’ll throw that aside because I won’t
need it any more. I’ll be walking entirely
on my own two feet again. The only thing
holding me back will be the snow and
slush on our Winnipeg sidewalks. Spring
and summer have never looked sweeter.
If you’ve got hip problems and you’re
anxious about this surgery, don’t be.
Don’t hesitate. It’ll be everything you
hope it’ll be.
In the meantime, allow me to re-introduce myself. Thanks to my shiny new titanium hip, a listener suggested I adopt
a new hip-hop name: Haltanium. Sounds
good to me.
Hal Anderson hosts weekday afternoons on
680 CJOB Radio.


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