Bent Hansen catalogue - Side 40

NE W // PA DO S OFA The new modular sofa, Pado, is both slender and cosy at the same time. The thin back and arm rests give the
sofa a sleek profile that contrasts with the sofa’s wide, inviting seat and
big soft back cushions. Move the cushions around as you please and
make yourself comfortable; no matter whether you are sitting, lying or
snuggling in the sofa corner.
Pado is an elegant lounge sofa. The sleek outside makes it appear light,
and the discreet legs, which lift the base from the floor, give the sofa an
almost weightless look. The legs also add a graphic detail to the sofa,
which makes it perform equally well up against the wall as a free-standing sofa. Choose between three different modules, with or without back
or arm rest, and put together your own sofa to satisfy your needs.
Pado is designed by Bent Hansen’s in-house design department, Bent
Hansen Studio, led by owner and creative director Henrik Hvid Hansen:
”Considering Bent Hansen’s heritage and strong tradition in upholstery,
it was a perfectly natural step for us to add a sofa to our collection. To
me, a sofa is the epitome of upholstery. It is a platform that displays the
very best in craftsmanship with all details standing out clearly.”


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