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took over almost 20 years ago.”
The couple, who are both trained chefs, have
been self-employed since 1991 and have according to Finn never experienced red numbers, and there’s no indications that that will
happen anytime soon, since the turnover has
increased almost four times since the year
2000. The potential in the location of the inn
seems to have been redeemed.
“We thought that there would always be people who would come to the North Sea. And so,
it continues to be today. The location is a huge
player for us as well as the nature here at the
bottom of Ringkøbing Fjord. It’s probably our
biggest asset and the reason why we dared
buy it back then.”
A natural partnership
With a Danish championships in Esbjerg and
an already existing partnership with Small
Danish Hotels, it wasn’t a long way for Riwal
Readynez Cycling Team to a partnership with
the owners of Nymindegab Inn, and a stay in
the inn during the championships was quickly
arranged, since Finn himself has an interest in
In 1862 the inn at Nymindegab became a royal
privileged inn and has since served the country
as one of a few Danish roadside inns. 156 years
the place has existed - and has burned to the
ground no less than two times - and visitors
have come and gone, where especially the
painters of Nymindegab at the end of the 19th
century visited the inn in the months of summer, because they were attracted by the light
and the beautiful landscape by the North Sea.
“The inn is a part of the Danish cultural history,
as one of the roadside inns in the country and
has a huge value to Denmark as well as the
area around Nymindegab”, tells the inns current owner, Finn Steffensen. “Other than that,
it’s an important inn for such a small town,
since it’s becoming one of the biggest workplaces.”
Finn Steffensen took over the inn along with
his wife Lone, in the year 2000. They saw a
huge potential in the location of the place, exactly as the painters of Nymindegab did it 100
years prior. During the last two decades Finn
and Lone have renovated the inn for over 40
million Danish crowns, and Nymindegab Inn
has never stood stronger both physically and
financially, than it does today.
“My wife used to come here on holiday by the
North Sea when she was a kid, so she knew
how beautiful it is here. I was a bit more sceptic, but she saw a potential and I have to say,
it’s been going great since”, says Finn.
“We wish high quality and standard for the
inn, which is why we spend so much time and
money for maintenance and renovations. It’s
been under constant development since we
Finn Steffensen:
”I’ve always followed
the sport, and now I’ve
taken up biking myself”
“It all started with a bet with our CEO at Small
Danish Hotels, Jørgen Christensen, about who
could finish the amateur race Coast to Coast
the fastest - so from Søndervig to Aarhus.”
The prize of the bet is a fine dinner paid by the
loser and stands as the reason for Finns found
love for biking himself. He bought a Pinarello
Dogma F8 through the team and have been
working out since the beginning of April to become in the best condition possible to win the
bet with Jørgen Christensen.

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