SKT. Annæ NO. 01 Fall/Winter 19 - Side 15

SKT. Annæ Family
The idea behind
SKT. Annæ Family originally came from
a desire to get to know the hotel's
guests better as well as the people who
likes the area. Owner, Claus Hildebrandt explains, "It is the same thing
when you have guests in your own
home, you want to be able to offer your
guests the best but in order to do so,
you must first get to know them. When
you know a person you will know
exactly what this person likes and this
way be able to accommodate his or her
The Hotel wished to create a community around SKT. Annæ Family,
where guests keep coming back because they feel that the hotel's staff
knows them and because they feel they
know the hotel. For owner, Claus
Hildebrandt “it is all about building
relations." He continues "the better we
know our guests, the better service we
can provide them. This makes it more
fun and giving for both our guests and
the hotel."
"Our strength is our endless
desire to create these bonds
and relations with our
guests. It is what drives us."
- Claus Hildebrandt
Another important aspect of SKT.
Annæ Family is the connection to the
area surrounding the hotel. Hotel SKT.
Annæ's vision is for guests to feel a
strong connection, not only to the
hotel, but also to the amazing neighbourhood surrounding the hotel. "When you stay at our hotel, you are also
staying in the neighbourhood, and that
is why we have created partnerships
with stores, restaurants and a wellness.
All of which are partners that we find
useful and interesting when travelling."
SKT, Annæ Family is open to everyone
who wishes to be a part of the family,
and sign up is possible through the
hotel's website, under SKT. Annæ Family, and by contacting the hotel's reception.

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