SKT. Annæ NO. 01 Fall/Winter 19 - Side 16

SKT. Annæ Family
17 Exclusive
partner stores
...and many more to come!
Hotel SKT. Annæ wants its guests to
experience the very best of Copenhagen, and therefore, the hotel has
teamed up with 17 unique partners in
Copenhagen, all of which has excellent
service and offerings. Additionally, all
family members will have the possibility to earn points when visiting the
partner stores.
Restaurant Uformel, Photo Jonas Buhr
How do I earn points?
To earn points at the partner stores,
family members simply swipe their
SKT. Annæ Family card through the
payment terminal upon purchase. After
registering the family member card, the
points are automatically transferred to
the family member's account. The
amount of points will vary depending
on the partner. An overview of the
partner stores and the amount of
points earned can be found on:
www.sktannaefamily. dk. Moreover, all
family members earn points on hotel
bookings made directly with the hotel.
...a selection of our amazing partners.

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