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Photo Ditte Isager
Photo Ditte Isager
Since the opening
of its Dessert Bar in spring 2018, the
Every detail has been considered:
from the collection of Swedish
ceramics with different pieces to suit
the changing menu, embroidered
linens and hand-blown glassware,
through to the cutlery by Sori Yanagi
and handmade borosilicate glass
teaspoons by Max Frommeld.
award-winning Nordic ice dessert
brand Winterspring has expanded
its offer to serve a menu of Nordic
sweets and savories, from freshly
prepared breakfasts and lunches, to
afternoon tea, in a space designed to
engage the senses.
Photo Ditte Isager
“Since the beginning we have
always taken pride in combining
inherently Nordic flavours with
innovative techniques to create
exquisite desserts that perfectly
embody the Nordic approach to
food and desserts, explains Karina
Founder. “First with our iced
desserts to take home and now
with our new place that allows us
to extend our menu to showcase
the skills of our chefs and in a
physical space that reflects our
The interior design and architecture in the dessert bar is made
by Studioilse, led by Ilse Crawford.
Known for her human centred
approach the intimate space is
designed to celebrate Winterspring’s Nordic sensibility; to bring people together and focus on
the things that make small moments matter - from the daily ritual
of morning coffee, to a lunch of
refined yet delicious savouries, or
celebrating a special occasion over
a dessert with tisanes or a glass of
A magical grid of Okholm ceiling
lights create a soft ambience that
is instantly welcoming, painted
timber cabinetry adds a relaxed
domesticity, and bespoke walnut
and curved glass vitrine shows off
Winterspring's take on the
traditional Danish flødebolle, bon
bons and chocolates that are made
fresh on site.
The Dessert Bar is located just
around the corner from Hotel
SKT. Annæ on Store Strandstræde

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