SKT. Annæ NO. 01 Fall/Winter 19 - Side 20

Family voices
Family voices
At Hotel SKT. Annæ, we have many great personalities in our different departments, and
common for every staff member is that they are experts in delivering excellent service.
Meet our staff and learn what makes them individually great.
Night Porter
Magnus Poulsen
Magnus has worked at the hotel 1,5 years as a Night Porter.
He has lived in New Jersey most of his life, and his hobbies
include cooking and baking.
"I became a part of the hotel during my first year in
Denmark. I found it and instantly fell in love with
the aesthetic. After seeing the place and interviewing
I found out that the people working here really
enjoyed what they did, and that meant a great deal
to me.
I believe that our personability is the most unique
thing to our hotel. When our staff asks how
someone is doing we actually and wholeheartedly
mean it. We like to see our guests thrive and enjoy
both our hotel and Copenhagen.
SKT. Annæ Family means that we don’t see anyone
as just a hotel guest, but as if they were our own
guest at home. We try to be as accommodating as
possible, we try to keep up with their lives and see
how they’re doing each time.
The best part of working at Hotel SKT. Annæ is
getting to meet all the different people that visit us.
Whether its a regular that you see every morning at
06.30 on the dot for breakfast, or some friends on
vacation that you might only meet once; it is so
much fun to hear where they come from and share
stories with each other. "

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