SKT. Annæ NO. 01 Fall/Winter 19 - Side 21

Spotlight on
The Shrimp
The Shrimp is the place to chill after a day of
sailing, shopping or sightseeing!
There are no fancy pants at the Shrimp! Here
you can share your best ideas or secrets from
the great sea over an ice-cold beer or a solid
meal in maritime surroundings, with model
ships in the windows and ship’s bells on the
wall. Our food is based on the American
cuisine that you find near the coasts offering
a variation of classic meals of steaks, fish and
shellfish. Great meals of quality ingredients
served unpretentiously. We will find room
for you whether you are a small or a large
A cabin filled with contrasts
Our chefs have been working overtime lately,
and have now launched a new menu, which
encapsulates The Shrimp’s identity even
more, where the maritime setting is in clear
contrast to the straightforward and high
quality cusine. Common to all of the dishes
is the composition of the best ingredients in
season, ensuring a meal that won’t let you

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